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Springdale II surely will be the next address to watch in Pueblo Angono. As this is a modern and affordable subdivision, expect the basic amenities that will be beneficial to you and your love ones. Of course, when you choose a dream home for your family – you want them to enjoy the facilities as well.

First of all, this subdivision is master planned – with a gate and guardhouse for your safety and security. In this property, everyone is safe and well protected. A distinguishing gate plus an entry marker will greet all residents and their guests. Think of a sprawling beautiful entrance that will be most welcoming to you and your visitors – a Robinson’s trademark indeed.

A village Clubhouse is within the premises, too, just beyond your doorsteps. For any special occasions, you may want to celebrate it here. Birthdays, debuts, baptismal parties, wedding showers, graduations or even work promotions. Or you may want to just lounge and chill-out with family and friends on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Whatever it is, the clubhouse also keeps you in touch with neighbors and co-villagers, as you will get to see them here every now and then.

Against the backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountain range is the park and landscapes of the Springdale II subdivision. There are greens such as the trees and plants plus the colorful blooms around you. Refreshing sights everyday – how cool is that? With all the lovely nature around you, you would feel alive and vibrant as you face another day.

For the kids, there is a play area where they can run and play all they want. Parents do not have to go out with their children and go to arcade for games. In the neighborhood is a designated play area for the kids so this is very helpful. Kids can socialize with the neighbor-kids. A very safe and peaceful area – parents will never worry if their kids are out here playing with the other kids.

We can see how Springdale II can provide for amenities to have your “work-life-play” balanced lifestyles. After all, we work to give a good life to our love ones. For us to keep fit, healthy and be with our love ones – we need to also relax, unwind and de-stress. You can all do that without going far. All it needs is for you to step out of your own home and be surrounded with these facilities. So, what are you waiting for?

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